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Stump Grinding and Removal

If you are having a tree removed, there is no reason to leave an unsightly stump. With Active Tree Services, we can grind down any remaining stump so that you are left with a nice even surface.


We can quickly remove the stumps left behind by other services or by do-it-yourself projects, and with our available equipment, we can maneuver through gates that are 35” or more. Trying to get rid of a stump on your own can be a real hassle, but you can avoid the headache with a quick call to Active Tree Services.


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2020 stump grinding pricing guide

Can’t keep up with your stump grinding?  We service everyone including other tree services company’s.

Minimum charge job

  • $100 for front yard
  • $125 inside gate 36” or wider
  • $8 per inch up to 48”.    1-4ft
  • $7 per inch 48”. - 72”    4-6ft
  • $6 per inch 72” - 192”   6-16 ft 
  • $5 per inch 192” + 16ft + Surface roots
  • + 25% each 1.5ft of outer ring of surface roots around core

​Mulch removal available

  • $15 per 20-gallon bucket
  • $150 per yard 10 buckets
  • Mini skid steer 36” wide available

Cost to move rocks $50-$100

Rocks will be moved 1.5 ft away from around core only if you want all roots ground out please clear rocks away before 

If you prefer a quote by the job, please send pictures, sizes, types of trees and info on accessibility.

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Serving Edmonton for over 25 Years

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